Alex Wu


Alexander has a strong background in the areas marketing, business and technology and has held various senior technology roles in global organisations such as Prudential,  IBM,  Shell Oil.

Having worked in the UK,  South-East Asia and Australia he has an extensive global network and international experience which has provided him with the capability to lead the new venture,  Hong Kong IT Group,  which focuses on developing proven online platforms and marketplaces and is to become Asia’s leading emerging technology investment group well into the future.


Hong Kong IT 公司由澳洲華人胡海明 (Alexander) 先生一手創辦。胡先生岀生于澳洲。他畢業於澳洲Macquarie 大學, 經濟商科及电腦專科。

1999年受聘于美国IBM电脑公司, 其後陸續加入了澳洲西太平洋銀行(Westpac Bank)及英國蚬殼石油公司(Shell Oil),設計加密及運行程序。

2010年回流香港,于英国保誠協助改進企业資源規劃系統。2014年離開保誠,在香港科技大學取得工商管理碩士学學位后後成立了Hong Kong IT Group Limited (香港明达高科技有限公司)。